OLD SCHOOL is a young adult mystery novel for fans of Clue, Mean Girls, and Truly Devious. Think Picnic at Hanging Rock meets Lord of the Flies.

A new school has opened its doors. It promises parents their teens will be cured of any technology addiction in two weeks. It’s a strict detox with no computers, phones, wifi or even pens—just old-fashioned hard work living like folk did in the 1800s.

The remote, isolated Victorian mansion is run by Mrs. Black and she has carefully selected six girls to be her first ‘guests’. Only Mrs. Black soon ends up at the bottom of the stairs, dead.

With no one coming to get them until their detox is over, the girls must band together long enough to use their heads (and not Google) to solve the crime. That’s tough when the killer is amongst them. Or maybe it is someone else that prowls the halls and knows all the secret passageways.

But if they don’t work together … who will be next?