FINDING SNOW is a young adult historical fantasy, Outlander meets Snow White.

Every fairytale has to start somewhere. 

On an isolated, drought-stricken farm in Australia, fifteen-year-old Tarni Taylor would rather drain the septic tank than admit her mother’s dying from evil spirits. Not that Tarni believes in evil spirits. Or her mum’s latest prediction that Tarni will venture somewhere cold and need her stock whip. Tarni should’ve known mum is always right when she’s hurled back in time into the snowy winter of the Holy Roman Empire in 1546. 

Before she has a chance to orientate herself, Tarni saves meek Countess Margaretha von Waldeck from drowning and the girls form an unlikely bond. Invited to castle Waldeck, Tarni learns that saving her new friend has infuriated the girl’s stepmother who wants Margaretha, and now Tarni, dead. 

Tarni vows to take Margaretha back to the future only to find her way home destroyed, threatening to keep her in the past forever. To get back, Tarni must unravel the connection to her dying mother’s abilities and her own. Otherwise, she’ll be stuck in a volatile world—or worse, end up like Anne Boleyn.

FINDING SNOW mood board (images not my own)