A middle grade contemporary novel, WHEN HOMEWORK COMES ALIVE is a mash-up of Judy Blume’s relatable characters and the adventure of Night at the Museum. It explores themes of sisters, friendship, depression, and found family.

Twelve-year-old Flynn lives in a town famous for its film studio. Cool, right? Not when her single-parent dad works day and night driving the celebrities around. Which just leaves her and her big sister Kim—who is always sad and no longer gets out of bed. Now Flynn has one important job to keep things normal: collect her sister’s homework after school. 

When one of Kim’s assignments involves hosting a dinner party for famous dead literary figures, Flynn knows this is the last opportunity to make her book-loving sister happy again—because she’s tried everything. With a whispered wish that her calligraphy pen can work magic, Flynn prepares the invitations.

Soon there’s a knock at the door and the dead start arriving. Flynn’s magic worked—yay! Only, these famed authors were meant to fix Kim and she’s not here to meet them. A surprise poisoning, a found diary, and a lot of cake lead Flynn to discover her historical guests are the clue to figuring out where Kim is and how Flynn can save her family from falling apart.

But Flynn better hurry as the authors disappear at sunrise.

WHEN HOMEWORK COMES ALIVE mood board (images not my own)