THE GEMINI TWINS is a young adult mystery novel which will appeal to fans of Karen M. McManus and Kara Thomas.

Blood isn’t always thicker …

Eighteen-year-old May is a loner who knows what it’s like to be second best. She’s lived in the shadow of her captivating twin sister June all her life. June vanished without trace a year ago, and May knows everyone in her small town wishes it had been her. 

When her mother dies, May returns home from the funeral with her father and seeks solace in June’s old room. But instead of comfort, May finds a hidden newspaper article with evidence that June isn’t the first family member to vanish. Their mother did too, almost twenty years ago, and the twins were a result of that disappearance. 

Before she went missing, June was searching for their biological father, and the clues June left behind might be the proof May needs she’s still alive. Following in June’s tracks, May travels to the university town her mother disappeared from, where old friends and flames mysteriously don’t remember a thing. As May gets closer to the truth, it might not be June she finds, but instead the monster that shares the blood in her veins.

Photo by Amit Jain on Unsplash