THE GEMINI TWINS is an adult mystery novel which will appeal to fans of Gillian Flynn, Megan Abbott, and Mary Kubica.

If you think you know how this ends. Think again. 

May knows what it’s like to be second best. She’s lived in the shadow of her captivating twin, June, for all of her nineteen years—a shadow that looms even with her sister gone. A year ago, June vanished without a trace, and May is sure everyone in her small town wishes it had been her.

When her mother dies suddenly, May’s world officially crumbles. Seeking solace in June’s bedroom, May finds an old newspaper article revealing a startling secret: at nineteen, their mother also went missing and on the exact same date June disappeared. May doesn’t believe in coincidences and, knowing June loved treasure hunts, soon uncovers other clues hidden by her twin. The first one directs her to the university town where her mother was abducted and where the original detective holds his own secrets about the case.

May learns that she and her sister were a product of the abduction and, before she disappeared, June was searching for the man who took their mother. A man who was never caught and their mother never named. As May unravels more of her mother’s past through a safe deposit box she left in her will, May must find her missing twin—even if it means confronting the monster who shares the blood in her veins.

THE GEMINI TWINS mood board (images not my own)

Feature photo by Amit Jain on Unsplash