A young adult contemporary novel, PENELOPE’S DAILY HOROSCOPE is similar in theme to a YA Eleanor Oliphant and Dear Evan Hansen.

At almost sixteen, Penelope has this teenage thing cracked. It’s simple: follow her horoscope meticulously every single day and invincibility ensues. Sure, she just travelled from Australia to a small town in Nebraska, and her older brother refuses to talk to her because of a stupid mistake she made, but everything else is under control, thanks. 

When her horoscope tells her to try something new, Penelope auditions for the school musical, despite the fact that she can’t sing. There she meets confident outcast Ha Rin, who doesn’t believe in horoscopes and certainly isn’t on board with Penelope giving her a random hug. Shame the horoscope didn’t mention anything about detention.

While there, Penelope and Ha Rin stumble upon a possible crime. Which is just fab because Penelope loves true crime and so does her brother back home. A real-life mystery will get him talking again. Only solving whose blood is found in the locker room means remembering the one thing Penelope wants to forget, and not even the power of a horoscope can stop her controlled existence from unravelling.

PENELOPE’S DAILY HOROSCOPE explores themes such as repressed trauma and denial. It also celebrates friendships, family relationships, and finding true identity.