A young adult mystery novel, MIXTAPE MURDER will appeal to fans of Karen M. McManus, Kara Thomas, and Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places.

It’s her seventeenth birthday, and Kirby only wants one thing: the run-down car she’s been coveting for years out at the wreckers. Then she and her dad will fix it up and her dream of being a mechanic, like him, will officially begin. Right? Huzzah! It’s hers. Wait, what’s that? A girl’s plea for help on the mixtape that won’t eject from the old stereo.

Back in 1989, Susan just turned seventeen. Great. Not so great when she’s dying from the fumes of the new car she just received from her father. He’s the mayor of the small town she so desperately wants to escape—just not like this. So, she leaves a warning on the mixtape currently in her car stereo because someone killed her best friend hours before and the fumes are not her choice. Not her choice at all.

Kirby and Susan’s worlds converge as Kirby uses the voice on the mixtape to unravel a thirty-year-old mystery that has her questioning how perfect her small town actually is. If Kirby doesn’t find out what happened to Susan, their fates will align because this mystery starts on her doorstep and Kirby’s father’s secret from the past will tear their lives apart. Again. 

MIXTAPE MURDER is a 70,000-word young adult mystery novel with dual POVs and timelines (present and 1989), set in the twenty-four hours of both the girls’ seventeen birthdays. Susan’s narrative is told backwards, starting as she dies. 

MIXTAPE MURDER mood board (images not my own)