Paula can often be found in her pyjamas, drinking tea, and dreaming of her next pizza. She sometimes gets words on the page and is currently querying her young adult historical fantasy/fairy tale mash-up called Finding Snow

Finding Snow was selected for the mentor program YA4YA. It is Outlander meets Snow White and tells the story of an isolated Australian country girl who is thrust back in time where she meets the real-life inspiration for the Brother’s Grimm tale: Snow White.

Paula is an award-winning filmmaker. Her Olympic documentary A Sporting Chance won the highest honour at the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) Festival in Milan (Paula missed out on all the free wine that night and is still upset about it).

Paula has written articles for both print and online publications and her controversial article for national magazine Inside Sport was nominated for an Australian Sporting Commission journalist award for best print coverage by an individual. 

Paula is working on her second young adult novel and has no immediate plans to get out of her pyjamas.

 She lives in rural Victoria, Australia with her husband and German Shepherd child, Atreyu.